Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Open House- Tonight, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Well the day has finally come. Today, we are having an open house at the Centre.
We sent out invitations, we baked some squares, we bought some chips and now is the great unveiling of the new Executive Director.
And I must say, I am a bit nervous. I really expected this to be a big thing, but in total honesty, I dont know what to expect.
I sent out 850 invitations. I have received about 20 rsvp's. I was a little discouraged, but apparently that is a good number.
On the invite, it said "Come, and meet our new Executive Director, Robyn Friesen." Well, now, there sets an expectation. I wonder if they expect me to do tricks or something. I will be cordial. I will dress well, and I will be my normal effervescent self. (and sometimes, that in itself is a trick)
So, if you find yourself bored tonight, or want to take your guy or gal on a great date, stop by the Real Choices Crisis Pregnancy Centre, on 8th st. Have some snacks, take a peek at my office, and hey, we even do free pregnancy tests, if the mood grabs ya.

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