Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Lesson God Teaches

So, God has been teaching me about money. Its not an easy lesson to learn, and has come with some resistance on my part.
Since I have started this new job, my financial status is much different. The way I am able to spend my money is much different. Before, I bought clothes and ate out a lot, with not much regard for frivolous spending. Now, I buy groceries and pay bills, and that's about it. When I buy clothes, its out of need, not want.....and believe me, I dont really NEED any.
Last weekend, I went shopping with someone who is able to buy a little more freely than I. So, she was able to purchase some Christmas gifts, and a few things for herself. I was able to buy a Christmas gift, and a pair of winter boots, because I don't have any. As I looked at all the nice things in the store, I got more and more upset, and ended up sitting in the back of the car crying, grieving the loss of, well, my ability to freely spend.
I have tried to wear those boots this week, and they are a bit uncomfortable, so this morning I went to return them. Before I got into the store, rebellion reared its ugly head, and I was determined to at least buy myself a new shirt (I don't need a new shirt) I got into the store, and I actually found a pair of boots that would be better than the ones I had purchased before, and they were less money.
With my bad attitude, I grabbed 4 shirts to try on, and headed to the fittingroom. None of them fit. I gave up, and went to the counter to exchange my boots. I got $7.77 back.
I then went to buy my real needs...toilet paper and toiletries and went to the til to pay. The total.................$7.73.
How much more does He have to do, before I finally get it.

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