Thursday, December 27, 2007

Its Over.

Well, it's done. Christmas is over once again. And once again, I am kinda glad. I really tried this year, to be happy, to be excited, and I think I was..... a little more than normal. I am thankful that I was not in retail this year, and I did get 6 days off for Christmas......some of those days were because I was throwing up with the flu, but hey, a day off, none the less.
I always thought, in Christmas' past that it was just me, who didn't really enjoy Christmas. But in this year, of actually making an effort, there was a certain consistency that I noticed. Single people are grumpy at Christmas. As a rule, the number of single people that I ran into, did not like Christmas. And so, I realize, its not just me.
I think that there is a certain expectation and let down at Christmas that surrounds people. It is not the exciting t.v. Christmas, and usually nobody's heart grows three sizes in a day.
For some it is about getting together with family, but in reality, my family doesn't really need an excuse to get together. We try to be consistent in that. We do enjoy gorging ourselves on a feast of turkey, and sweet potatoes and Christmas bags.....and my brother's lovely wine, but we do that throughout the year too.
And so it is over.....only New Years eve find someone to sights are set on a one year old I know....
......and then to wait.....for Easter......I love Easter.

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