Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Facebook, its not just for friends anymore


In the beginning, I was reluctant to start using facebook. I was turned off by the addiction of it all.....but, peer pressure won, and there I was, on facebook.
Now I have come to enjoy it. I have found friends from high school that I have wanted to reconnect with, and it is an easy way to access information. Just last week, I found out my cousin had a baby....on facebook. (So did his sister, which maybe is not so good for family communication)
Last night I received notification that someone had added me as a friend. This person was a good friend of my boyfriend, fourteen years ago. Then, my boyfriend broke up with me. It was not a good scene. It was a very bad scene. It was a nasty scene. And when it was over, I wasnt really friends with any of 'our' friends anymore.
Now, I have moved on, am quite happy with my life (yes, other than the snow) and have become a very different person than I was then. I hadn't thought of that group of friends in a very long time.
And now, apparently, we may be facebook friends. Weird. Strange. Why would you want that. Why would you even look me up?

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