Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Date

Okay, so I recently met someone.
After some conversation, we decided to meet for a drink.......Starbucks to be exact.
So there I was, sitting in the restaurant, dressed in my thin jeans, wearing a turtleneck (to avoid hives) and my good uplifting bra.....and there he came. Now, I must confess, he is new to Saskatchewan, and been living in this country for only 7 years, but one would think....that no matter where you are from, it is never acceptable to wear sweatpants on a first date. Am I wrong?
We sat and drank and talked for a while. Although English is his third language, he seemed to have lots to say, and quickly filled two hours of visiting. Now, he was not a bad person, he made me laugh and we had serious conversations about faith and God and 'religion.'
And when I went home, I knew that this is someone that I would not date again. Based upon God's call on my life, I would not be compatible with him. Based upon what his goals are in life, he would not be compatible with me.
He apparently did not agree. After several phone calls and emails to me over two days, I finally told him that I did not believe that we were a match and I wished him the best of luck.
His response? " Avoid prejudice and reconsider. We are at an age, where we need to balance life and family. We need to think of ourselves and build a family."
Now how does one respond to that? "I'm not prejudice, I just dont like you?" or "Just because I am old, does not mean I have to settle with whoever else is single and my age."
If the worst thing that ever happens to me, is that I remain single.... I will have had a great life. And besides, I have a family now, she may be a dog, but she gives me all the love I need.

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