Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well, it's here.
And it's cold.

I dont remember a time when I actually liked winter.....oh wait.....snow days.......and that about sums it up.
As I sit at my desk, looking out my big, non-winterized windows; dread once again fills my stomach. I dont know where this terror has come from, but to be honest, I fear winter driving more than anything else in my life. I would rather kill a spider in my bathtub everyday, than have to drive in winter.
As the snow falls, I dont see a winter wonderland, I see a horror movie unfolding.
As I hear the crunch of snow underfoot, it attacks my spine like the sound of a war cry.

And yet, the whole world continues to run....when I feel as though my life is at a standstill. Don't they see what I see? Why is no one else afraid?
How can I get past this fear of frozen water?

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