Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When last we spoke..................

Okay, I know, I know, its been a while. And I promise to blog and then I lie. But here I am.

Whats new? For those of you who live life has changed dramatically since I last typed on this page.
I have a new mouth to feed. Ruby (we named her after my dad Reuben) Came to live with me. She is a pure-bred chihuahua, who is better looking than all other chihuahuas out there.
In Sept, I had enough of the wonderful world of retail and resigned my position. I had a few things lined up, but they all fell through.
Then I started to pray. Then God answered. And so, here I sit, in fulltime ministry, the Executive Director at a Crisis Pregnancy Centre. It is a christ based, non-profit, prolife organization that works with women in the community to offer support, options and counselling, when working through a difficult time.
As I mentioned......prayer. I had also been praying for six months about getting a different car. And then it came. A beautiful, 2003 Black Toyota Corolla, to replace the old basic, no power steering, no air Hyundai Accent I had been driving.
So yes, life has changed dramatically. But it is good.......
Okay, I need to go and speak at a pastors luncheon now, I will try my best to faithfully blog, like the rest of you.

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