Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ruby's growing up.

Wow...look at me, blogging twice in one day, I think to all you who have taken me off your blogroll.....time to resurect me.

So this past weekend, my parenting skills were questioned, and I like the strong woman I am.....cried.

I came home from a band practice on Sunday night, to have my brother meet me at the door. "You better come, Ruby's sick." With that I dropped my purse, and bounded up the stairs to find my little lamb sitting in my sister-in-laws lap, not moving, her eyes barely open, and doing the silent cry.

I took my little bundle and tried to ask her the problem. But she could not answer. So I called the 24 hour hotline for help and did not get much, except for a price quote if I decided to bring her in. Why is it, that something that weighs less than three pounds, can cost one months rent to see a vet on a weekend.

And so I decided to just keep her with me, give her some medicine that I had available and syringe water into her little dry mouth. We lay together in my bed that night, staring at each other, her not moving and me praying for hope. Some people scoff as I pray for Ruby, but they need to understand the void she has filled in my life.

I spent time praying and then through the darkness of the night, I went to the internet to see if I could get any answers. I read a few articles and then there it answer. At the bottom of one of the article it said, " Do not take your dogs to places like a dog park or PETSMART, as it is a breeding ground for bacteria and virus'.

I sat there, with the light of the screen and understanding dawned on me. I had taken Rubes to Petsmart 24 hours before she started getting sick. She had caught a bug.

I crawled back into bed and told her my diagnosis. She just looked at me with her sad eyes....and we cuddled til morning. At first, I was unsure if she was feeling better, but all doubt subsided when, I offered her a bowl of breakfast nicely heated in the microwave. (yes she is a bit spoiled) I have never seen her eat so fast.

She's back to normal, my little lamb....and for that I am truly thankful.

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