Friday, November 16, 2007

How fast is too fast?

How fast is too fast, how far is too far? As I have studying sexual integrity and self-worth for a counselling session; this as been something I have been pondering.
Recently,I was talking with a friend who shall remain nameless. We were talking about driving; the fast lane vs. the slow lane. He gets really frustrated with people who drive in the left lane, slow. I was frustrated, because I had been driving in the left lane, going 10kms over the speed limit, and someone was STILL sitting on my bumper. Who decided how fast is fast enough in the fast lane? We all have different standards as to how much over the speed limit is acceptable. No one follows the rules set out for us by the law, we all think that we can make a better educated decision.
Kinda like sex. In my job, I get to counsel people who have had sex and find themselves, usually in a crisis situation. They all have heard the rules about sex, but they all think they can make a better decision than those who set the guidlines.
So for those who continue to me, when you find yourselves in crisis.

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