Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Wish

I've been listening to a Christian radio station for the past few years. I started listening a few years ago, when a friend of mine worked there.....I got hooked. It's not necessarily the music, but it is a little piece of my past, living in the south that keeps me listening.

Every year they have a Christmas Wish program, in which you can write in for yourself or on behalf of someone. Today's story changed my heart.

The story was of a young couple with three children. Just an ordinary couple, trying to make ends meet with three little mouths to feed and not a lot of extras in their lives. Last Christmas Eve their baby died of SIDS. I cannot imagine the pain that would instill for every Christmas to come.

During this past year, as they have been working on putting their lives back together, they were travelling home after some visiting and were in a devastating car accident. Both their son and daughter were critically injured, as the daughter had multiple injuries as well as head trama. Their son broke his back and is now in a wheel chair. The mother, Carmen, was injured as well, and will be on crutches into the new year.

They interviewed this mom, as they were setting her up with money and a handicap van, and she was overwhelmed at their generosity.
The thing that broke my heart, is that, in the midst of all of this tragedy, this woman, still had a heart for God. She still listened to worship music and looked to God for her needs.

Only by the grace of God.

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