Friday, July 20, 2007


Well the day is almost over, and none too soon for me. It has been a has been a week.
My boss is on vacation, so the buck has seemed to stop with me. That's okay, but the added pressure of a District Managers visit was also upon me this week.
Friday had come and I knew that I just had to make it through today, to have two glorious days off....I should have known it would be a challenge.
I wanted it to be sunny this morning, so I could work on my tan, as I have a wedding to attend tomorrow. It stormed.
I went to work for 1pm, only to find the store seemed to be crazy, not just with customers, but also with all manner of things going on....... 2pm, I had stubbed my baby toe so hard, I broke it. I had new staff who had to be trained. I had two employees who hadn't been paid properly. I had a report that didnt give me the hours I needed to get a job done. I had staff, trying to trade shifts with people who werent trained yet. I argued with Joel about what he did, and he said he didnt know what I'm talking about. I dealt with a shirt that had a sign for $10, but was really $29. It was done correctly on our end...but there must have been a mix up when making the sign. I had several visitors who came to see me, which normally is great, but big blue (my broken toe) made it difficult to schlep myself out every time to see who was there to visit. Did I mention that when I finally took a break, I burnt my mouth on my costco teryaki bowl?

...................................and then the buns came. Oh, the buns.
A mom of two of my little lambs (okay Jeff is not so little) in my youth group came in and dropped off fresh buns...WHITE ones. Big white fluffy buns. There is nothing better. Bless her heart.
I think I will change my TGIF to TGFB.....thank God for buns.


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