Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My New Roommate

Well as most of you know.....I have had a cat for 6 years. In the past few months, she has becoming increasingly the point of starting to attack me. It has been kinda like living in an abusive relationship. I never know when she is going to strike, or be angry.

The final straw came, when one day (when I wasn't home) she went up stairs and when encouraged to go back down stairs by Jeff, she attacked him.

We had a confrontation.

She moved out.

There is good news however to my sad break up.


There she is. In the pic, she is just two weeks old. She is a pure bred Chihuahua. (For those of you in the Less Nessman days.....Chi-hooa-hooa.

Her name will be Melba....a Spanish she is Mexican....but we will call her Lamb. She comes home in about 5 more weeks.

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