Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gene vs Richard

I attended a cross-cultural wedding yesterday. Mennonite-Fijian. Wow.

At the reception, the groom and some friends from his homeland entertained and wow'ed the audience with some Polynesian dancing. One of the most interesting parts of the dance was certain body movements and facial expressions. They were singing a worship song, and through out parts of it, one of the men would grab his chest and stick out his tongue.
I mentioned to a friend who I sing worship with that we should try that next time we have to sing worhip.......praising God Gene Simmons style.

Later that evening I related the story to my precious mother. I then ended with the disclaimer that she probably didnt even know who Gene Simmons was. Indignantly she answered, "Yes I do, he has fuzzy hair, and makes work out videos."

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