Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another day at work.....

The following is a conversation I had on the phone with someone who lives about 3 hours away.

Customer: I am looking for a certain pair of mens pants. They are loose fit, but they are not the loose ample fit. I was in one of your stores today and they had both, but I only want the loose, not the loose ample.

Robyn: Well, actually, um, ample is just the word loose, in French. So it would be the same pair.

C:Okay, but I dont want the loose ample. I only want the loose, do you have any?

R: Well I can look, but it will be the same pair of pants, possibly the ones you saw, didnt have French on them.

C:But I dont want the loose ample...I only want the loose.

R:um Okay, I will go and look.

C:If you have them, could you put them on the bus for me? ...send them to me?

R:No, but you can pay with your credit card, and for $5 I can UPS them to you. We have an account with them.

C: Is that the name of the Bus company?

R: Um no, that's like FedEx, or Purolator Courier....except with little brown outfits, you know like on tv?

............................................and that's the kind of day it's been.

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