Friday, June 29, 2007

Randy is smarter than Jeff?

So here it is.....I can say that because Randy may or may not read this blog, and Jeff wont.
I have been working on, as I have time or no time, trying to download Haloscan onto my new template, with NO luck. I apparently am not that good.
Normally what I would do, is call my brother Randy (aka Randall) and give him the necessary passwords and he would fix me. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for him, he is currently traipsing all over Europe somewhere, probably with Tony the Englishman not even thinking about my blog.
So, plan B. I call my other brother (my new landlord) and ask him for help. When I say call, I mean, pick up the phone and ask him to come downstairs.....quite handy for computer help and spiders. He came down, (he is not so versed in blogging.....but very good at putting kitchen shelves back far) He looked at both, tried a few things and left. haloscan.
I could use the blogger comment feature, but I dont like it. I want haloscan.
And so, if you have a burning comment for will have to wait for the European vacation to be over.

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