Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's 2:20am....do you know where your cupboards are?

Well here I sit, in my new home....its been a while...a while since I last spoke. Lots going on, lots changing....the most current change....my kitchen cupboard just fell off the wall.

I moved recently. I am living in a very nice basement suite with great landlords ....my brother and his wife....a great home, we have lots of fun.....and totally renovated appartment....and I was laying in my bed (also new) and there was a loud crash....not loud enough to wake the upstairs apparently........but off the wall, is off the wall.
Technically, it is still kinda stuck in the spot....just sorta wedged in.....with everything (mugs mostly) stored on top, on the floor broken.
I was awake anyway, having some trouble with the ulcer, looking for something to ease the pain of the spicy dinner I ate earlier.....so I just got up and cleaned....and here I find myself awake.
So , time to fix my blog I guess....anyway, I will try and be more faithful.

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