Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Day as a Pioneer

...well actually it was only five hours, but five, very long hours.
You, I forgot my cell phone at home.
I realized it, in the parking lot of Walmart.....and I didnt want to be one of those people bound by made the tough decision. I didn't go home for it.
It wasnt an easy choice....all the ramifications played through my head...what if I am in an accident and die, and need to call someone. What if my mom needs me....probably to buy sour cream...but, that is important. What if the pastor is looking for me.....he usually is. What if I need to call my mom and ask her if she needs anything from Walmart, or McDonalds...
I walked in to Walmart, and just to be safe, I called my mother from the payphone. Just to be sure.
She was fine. She didnt need anything from Walmart.
I did my shopping and waited in line at McDonalds. If I had a phone, I could call someone while I waited. I decided to pray. (to fill the time, not for God to make my phone magically appear.)
I went to my moms, and she seemed to not be as distressed by my phonelessness, as I was. I went to visit a sick friend, who didn't even know my plight....she seemed okay, didn't treat me differently.
Finally after my errands were complete, I went home to rescue my cell phone that had been resting all day in a jacket pocket.
There was one missed call.
The message:
"Yeah, I know that you are driving right now, and you wont answer your phone, but I just drove by you and honked and honked."
Ah, little did she know.....I am not a slave to that phone anymore.

Okay, gotta go.....recharge my phone.

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