Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For the Love.....Here I am

Okay, okay, I know I have been silent. I have been busy.

-working on going to Mexico in May to work in an orphanage.
-working on bringing a girl to church from work, who needs to find God again.
-writing some of the girls bible studys for youth group
-working with the youth band, and workshops for that
-working fulltime
-in a small group, in which we have to grow and learn, never easy
-being a youth sponsor for senior high
-singing in a worship band
-designing and sewing my Easter outfit....not costume, outfit.
-hurt my back, and pain killers are my new best friend
-trying to find and finding a new place to live
-did, I mention that I am going back to school part time, on top of all of this?

So, I am sorry, Dean, I am sorry Tony, and Colleen, and Sheryl...and all you who are worried....
HERE I Am.....bless my heart.
I will try and make more of an effort.

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