Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Morning to Sleep In

Its 6:40am.....and I have been laying there awake since 6. At first I was dreaming that I had a puppy.....her tail was wagging, as she was in bed with me....after waking a little, I realized it was just my fat old cat....scratching her ear and hitting me in the process.
I can't seem to get to back to sleep. Thinking about things, life, God.
I was at a youth retreat this weekend....with the senior high kids from my church. It was a good time. I love them, they own a piece of my heart.
The best part of the weekend......God was there. Now I know that He is always there, but this weekend, He let the kid's experience Him in a whole new way....and they were changed because of it. I was changed because of it. I am constantly amazed how much God actually talks to you, when you listen. And yet, there are days, when I still doubt, unsure if I am hearing what I want to hear, and what He is whispering......but I figure, if I dont get it right the first time, He'll just speak a little louder.......or change my heart. He does that pretty well too.

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