Friday, January 12, 2007

My little Silver Lamb

Well I went to get her today. My car has been sitting, cold and abandoned in the Old Navy parking lot since Wednesday morning.....since the storm began.
I will admit, that in the past, I have been, at times, embarrassed by her. She is basic. She is plain. If she were Mennonite, she would be Amish. She is like a lot of cars out there, especially Accents....most are silver. She doesn't have power steering. Her air conditioning consists of opening the window.
As I approached her today, she looked so pitiful. Her little body, covered in snow and frost.....very desolate and alone. I stuck my key in the door and gave it a gentle turn. It was not easy. I dropped my body into my place, and knocked the breath out of me, as I hit the frozen seat.
I inserted the key, and turned. She growled, and bleated, and then, after a few seconds.....she coughed to life. Like raising the dead. She was shivering, as she sat there. I wished for a giant scarf or hat, to warm her.
The c.d. slowly rurred to life, slow and unstable....and I quickly turned it off. We needed all our energy to keep the heart beating.
With a heart bursting with pride, and shame for past thoughts of inadequacies.....I let her warm. And it took a while....but she did.
And now she sits, in her own little spot, plugged in and safe, and happy to be home.

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