Thursday, January 11, 2007

I have to learn about Faith....again?

It was three am....and I woke up, again. It seems I do that a lot. I started praying for my friend, who was determined to go to work in the storm of the century. She is a nurse, and understands the importance of her position.
I replayed the events of me trying to get home in the storm. A good friend came and got me. He didn't have to, he chose to. That speaks volumes to me.
He could only get to the intersection in front of the mall where I work. He called me and offered the ride.
"It's your decision," he said, "you can walk out to me in the storm, or you can stay in there."
I didn't think twice. I bundled up, and stepped outside. I thought twice. I could not see more than three feet infront of me. I stayed against the wall and followed it down the road. Safety. Once I got to the turn, I focused on the stop sign....and from the stop sign, each lamp post (the lights weren't on). A few more steps of faith between each light post, not a solid wall. I walked from pole to pole, until I was out of poles. I saw a wall from another building and ran to it. My eyes were starting to freeze shut. From here on out, I had no safety, just open (and blowing) wind, and snow. I grabbed my cel phone and called for reassurance. His voice was on the other end. "I am in the middle of the intersection. You have to come to me."
I could see nothing, and so, I stepped out, blindly. Slowly at first, each step deliberate. I continued in blindness, trying to talk to him on my cel phone, and he continued to coax me on.
I made out a faint red light, waving to me recklessly from the sky. I believe he is below that light, that's what he told me. My red nose, running, my cel phone hand, freezing in the storm. And then I saw him. A faint image of a man waving at me. I cautiously made my way around the abandoned cars to the safety of his.
Makes you think, hey? How many times does God say, "You have to come out to me." How many times does he wait for us to step out blindly, coaxing us to come, waiting for us at the middle on an intersection; to take us to safety.

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