Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Flat tires, That Little Silver Pen-thingy, and Sparkly Lipgloss

Well today was supposed to be the day.....the day I would figure out how to put air in my tires.
I was sternly warned on Sunday......"You need to put air in your tires TOMORROW!" spoke my mechanic friend.
I thought about it yesterday, but chickened out. I've never been taught how to do it. I didn't know how.
So....this morning, I decided it was time. I have to do that, make a consciencious choice to learn something....like putting gas in the car...that took me a couple of years to get up the courage.
....as I was saying....so, this morning....I did what I always do in my fear....I prayed....I prayed enough to find the courage to go and figure out how to use that silver pen thingy. My brother said it should say 35lbs......when I used it, it said 15lbs. Hhhhmmmm....I wonder if I used it correctly.
Okay, so in my apprehension, I continued in my pattern of courage....first prayer, then lipgloss, then check the hair....okay, it was time to move.
I drove with determination to the Coop, where I was willing to try and do these tires myself....learn on my own, make mistakes for NO ONE to see.
There it was...the sign......"Out of Order".
Now what?
I drove over to Canadian Tire and mustered the courage. I don't like it there, in their garage.....creepy men who stare, work there.
I took a deep breath, and walked in, faking the confidence of a runway model. There they stood, three of them.....creepy, and staring.
The old man talked to me first, kinda under his breath......he had one eye that looked at me, and one that looked somewhere else...at the same time.....(he should have been a spy) I focused on the space between his eyes and blurted out, "I need air."
He mumbled something...then I looked at the guy beside him and said, " I need air!"
He seemed nicer. The old man looked at me, and bellowed...."CAN YOU DRIVE?" Well, of course I can drive old man, what do I look drunk or under the age of 16? Then I realized he meant....is the tire too flat....oh, I'm glad I hadn't responded with a snide comment.
"Yes, I can drive." ....meekly was my response.
The younger guy told me where to drive...and he met me there.....and I stood beside him as he filled each of my front tires.
I didn't know what to say...so, in desparation, I pulled out my silver pen-thingy...and said (like an idiot) "I've got one of these."
He smiled at me gently and said...."um, I can feel it, how much air it needs."
He finished the job, and I thanked him and got into my car. I believe I saw him shaking his head as he walked away.

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