Sunday, January 07, 2007

Am I too Confident in God?

I was reading a book today....a book on faith. I have been working through some faith issues this past year (like last year, not the past 6 days)
I feel like God has given me a vision of my future, certain glimpses or keys to what my life will be. At first I was unsure, maybe I misunderstood God. So I would ask for confirmation, and I would receive it. As time past, I would doubt. I would ask for confirmation, I would receive it. More time, more doubt...I memorized Hebrews 11 (the faith chapter). I would think of Noah, and Abraham...and even Sarah...if they could have faith, then so can I. Noah built an ark, and up until then, it hadn't rained. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son, because he reasoned that God could raise the dead, even though before that time in history, God had never raised the dead. I need to believe with that conviction.
I have ingrained it within myself to believe. I believe that God can move mountains. I believe that God will do what I think he has promised. I am confident in that.
Today, as I sat reading this new book, I was struck by a thought. Have I become too confident in what I believe God has for me? Am I now so sure of what He has for me, that I am already taking it as truth? Is this a bad thing? Am I taking for granted what I think He will do for me, when I need to just wait and see. I have pushed myself soooo hard to believe, that I actually do.....and now I am wondering, am I putting God into a box by believing so strongly in what I think He will do? Am I making any sense? Thoughts?

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