Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Power of God

I just did a search on on the Power of God. That exact phrase was used 10 times in the NIV Bible.
I think we sometimes forget the power of God.
The youth pastor spoke on it on Friday nite, I listened, but had forgotten just how powerful God is....
We spoke in our small group on how, even though we sometimes feel average or below average, God loves us above average.....God loves us all the way. He wants His best for us......yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah.

And then last night, I was caught off guard, by the Power of God. I was spending some time with friends, when one suggested that we pray for each other. So, we shared our hearts, and the Holy Spirit was quick to follow suit.
It amazes me the power the HS has over us, how it manifests itself, me shaking and uncomfortable, another with tears that she has been unable to shed for sometime, prayer languages, and even speaking into our hearts.
As the women prayed over me, I asked God for an answer to a long awaited question.....and, He, answered. And I was reluctant to believe that was His answer for me, so in my heart, I told Him, that if this was indeed Him, that He would say the same thing to anyone else in the room, that they would receive the same words from His heart.........
We continued to pray, and it was only after, when one of them said......."this one thing kept playing over and over in my head....I dont know why...."
I was my answer.

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