Friday, September 15, 2006

My lost lamb......has been found.

When I was 18 years old, I met a friend who taught me about unconditional love. Carol Edith Holmstrom. She was awesome. Funny, caring, giving, loving.....Carol. Great voice, great friend.
We first toured together with a singing group, in 1990, and met again for another tour in 1991. By that time our friendship was built.
We remained friends, her in Oklahoma, and I in whatever province I was in at the time. We talked often with huge phone bills. We talked of boys, and parents and boys and hair and boys, etc....
As the years went by, we remained ever faithful. She married and had two children Jason Tyler and Taylor Robyn (do you see the connection there?!) After her son was born, she even came and spent time in Winnipeg with me, and later on in 1997, I spent Christmas with them in Arkansas.
After I moved to Stoon, we talked and emailed, but somewhere along the line, we lost each others info....and the friendship was lost.....until last night.
Yesterday afternoon, I tried googling her as I do from time to time....and got nothing....and then I googled her husband.....and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but several listings for well as a radio interview he did in April of this year. God led him to begin working with a great ministry....and there he was.
A short email to him......letting him know that I was alive......was quickly responded to today....three times!! Bless their hearts they missed me too.
I feel blessed that God would return them to me........................and I cant wait for that first phone conversation...which will entail describing exactly what our hair looks like now!!

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