Monday, July 31, 2006

Too many Expectations in the Workplace-

You know, when you dream, and it seems so wake up and think that it really happened?
That happened to me a few days ago...and I am still working through it.

I dreamt that my boss, made me marry one of the new associates, recently hired. I was shocked that I had to take this step, but as she put it, "it was a part of his orientation and training." And so, me, being the model employee took the plunge and married one of the new guys.
The best part, is that I believe that they are all still in high school. I would have chosen one over the other, but he was apparently still under age, so I had to marry the other one. The shy one, who cant look you in the eye......bless his heart.
And so, we married.

We were to have our wedding night, but we were staying with my mom, who put us in separate rooms....then the next day we were supposed to................................

And bless his heart if he didnt show up in swim trunks and a hawiian shirt....his little shy self.
At this point and time I jumped awake.............fearful of my marriage choice. Thinking it was real.....Praise the Lord.....only the cat was in bed with me.
And so I gotta ask....what does this dream mean?

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