Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stages of Grief

There are several stages of grieving.....the one I entered today? Frying.

I went out early this afternoon, and proceeded to buy a deep fryer. I needed to fry. It was in me to fry.
So, I got home, mixed up the dough for roll kucken,(deep fried dough eaten with watermelon) and began to fry.
My mom showed up a little while later with the melon, and we feasted.

Its kinda weird, I have seen my mom every day this week. Every day since my dad died. I think somewhere inside I am afraid of losing her....stupid I know, but I tend to be a bit paranoid. I get nervous when I call her house and she isnt there.

We called and changed her phone the other day, today when she called me, her very own name appeared on my call display. Just another change.

I guess this will just take time, or so every one says......I will have to wait and see.

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