Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Other Pink Lady...or Good bye my new best friend

Well yesterday was a day I won't soon forget. I met a new pink lady.
It actually started on Monday night....after eating deep fried food for two meals in a row (leftovers) and then a cheesy casserole.

I wasnt feeling well. As the evening progressed, it got worse. I spent the night very sick, and finally in the morning I went to emergency.
There I met the new Pink Lady. Now I have heard of such a thing....thanks to my friend Amanda.....a nurse. It is a medical "shooter" made up of freezing and antacid. I downed it with uncertainty, like standing at a bar, given a new drink by a swarthy man......and quickly couldnt feel my lips.

After three lovely hours in a hospital gown, in a hospital bed (which you would think would be more comfortable, considering you are supposed to rest); I was given the news....gall bladder.

I sat there in silence, my heart broken. So, no more new best friend. Good bye deep fryer. We've only been together a short while, but I miss you all the same. As you sit on my counter, you call to me, when I boil the perogies, you used to fry. When I eat the mars bars, we used to coat and sizzle in your big hot belly. You may not be in my stomach, but forever in my heart.

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