Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It seems too soon..............

It was my first day back at work today, and once again I realized that even though my family went through a life changing event, apparently everyone else, kept on with their lives. Don't they get it? Don't they know how significant these last weeks for us were.....and yet, they continue.....and apparently I must too.
It seems too soon, to just continue, as if nothing happened.
I was in a car accident last night.My first one. I was rear-ended. My first thought was to call my dad....this was his area of help. He would know what to do. I sat in the car shaking, not knowing how to move forward.
Back at work today, things were okay, but it just seemed weird that everything continued. I tried my best to get back into the swing of things, and did okay, while fighting off the sore neck and headache from last night's fiasco.
I wish that when someone died, you could take all the time in the world and decide if you actually want to be included in it....or you could just drift for a while....not commit to anything or one, not deal with peoples expectations, or 'help', that you could just be.
Well I should go to bed, because I am expected at work tomorrow again....btw, not to be rude, but today, if you are reading this and want to comment and let me know you've been there, and you know what I am going thru, great, but if you just want to give advice, please don't, I'm not in the place to hear it now. Sorry.

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