Thursday, July 20, 2006

God's timing is perfect, but I'm not wearing His watch

It was late last night, curled up in my chair, on the phone with a dear friend, when we came to this conclusion.
We had been talking about how God answers prayer. Talking about God's timing. In the spring I started to pray that my dad would die before my niece would move to Switzerland. I wanted her to be home for that, and have time to grieve with her family. She leaves in August. God answers prayer.
Yesterday, my sister-in-law got a job. They moved to Yorkton in March, and she has been looking ever since. They spent a lot of time here before and right after my dad died. It wouldnt have been as easy to do, if she had been working. God's timing is perfect.
"Yeah, Karen," I said, " but you and I have been praying for things for a while now, and they have yet to happen.
"God's timing is perfect." she said.......Yeah, but I'm not wearing His watch.

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