Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Pink Lady and the Prodigy

Well the pinklady and I had our first guitar lesson on Tuesday, and we seemed to do quite well together.

My instructor...Sheeeeeena, (I like to say it with all those eeee's), was quite impressed with my ability to learn and dance my quick fingers over Pinklady's neck. Apparently, she thought we would start off slow, but when I told her that I already knew music theory, and she just kept pointing to lines, and I kept playing them....things were in our favor.
My repetoire so far? the G scale, Ode to Joy, and even an old Hymn, which I learned tonight for my friend Karen's benefit....I am sure she will enjoy, when she hears it on her answering machine tonight......both verses. ( I only had to call back once)

I think I will work ahead in my book, and surprise my Sheeeena with a "Rockin Robin-For He's a Jolly good Fellow" medley.

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