Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Garment of Praise

Well it was 5am, and, I found myself, laying in my bed....awake...again.
I lay there until about 5:30am, and then gave in, hunted thru my bed for the remote....and found nothing good on tv.
I noticed that CSI was on at 6am....and so I flipped the channels, waiting.
Lots of religious programing on at 5:30. I slowed down a bit, and then came accross some woman. I had heard her before, and she has seemed to make to sense before...so I paused to see what she had to tell me.
She had a lot to say to me this morning. She told me that she understood that I had been struggling through a depression...something I have not been really willing to think about. Something not really willing to acknowledge. I think I am justified in some of my feelings, so I do not want to label it....anyway....this is what she said to me.....
"Put on a garment of praise, instead of a spirit of despair."


"Come let us sing fo joy to the Lord; let us should aloud to the Rock of our salvation."


You want me to sing praises to God? But I'm kinda in a funk here. You want me to put on a garment of praise....through the spirit of heaviness? Um....crazy lady.

I muted her quickly, and lay there as the old chorus ran thru my head......"lift up your voice and sing......."

And as I thought about it.....it started to make a bit more sense. And so, I have been singing today. Focusing less on my inner feelings and more on singing praises......
...the lady might have something after all.

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