Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Corn and Chocolate Milk

Its been a long week, and its only Wednesday.
Its been a week of being up early for church.
of waking up at 4:30am because of worry.
Unexpected trips to the hospital because of family.
Expected trips to Regina for meetings, that lasted too long.
Fighting with a man from Sasktel.....but don't worry I set him straight.

Today, I wrote an email to a friend and leader, asking for some time off of committments that I had made, because with everything else on my plate, I just can't seem to do everything. Those committments are the things that I am passionate about, and to give it up now, just takes me down another step.
But I am struggling to do this all. I can't even keep my house clean.
Tonight I tried to go to bed early....skipping supper, only to have my phone ring continually from an old friend. Apparently she has "someone" she wants to introduce me to. No thanks.
"He's not religious like you, but he's really nice."
No thanks.
So, its after 10pm, and I find myself hungry. The only thing easy enough to make?
A can of corn, and chocolate milk.

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