Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Best 50 cents I Ever Spent

Well, today was a day of walking....walking and exploring.
There is a community in our city, that once a year, hosts a garage sale to beat all garage sales. It is huge. There are hamburger stands, ice cream, snow cones, cotton candy, caramel apples, you name it, they have it.
My friend and I had been planning for this day for two weeks. We were excited. There was going to bed early, in order to be ready for our garage sale-ing marathon.
Early in the morning, I chose the right outfit for the day....a tank top, pair of jeans and a new pair of multi-striped flip flops. I was in fine form......or so I thought.
About feet were killing me. Then new flops, not so good. Big red, angry gouges where the straps tore at my feet. I was becoming a bit miserable.....and then....I found them.

At an old lady's garage sale.....the ugliest pair of tender tooties sandals.....never worn, that you ever did see. ....and oh, like little pillows of heaven hugging my feet.
Those old ladies.....they've got something there.....I promptly asked the price, and in astonishment, paid my $00.50.

Now I ran into some friends...and showed them my fity-cent shoes (said like the rapper) and they quite enjoyed them.

This afternoon I gave them to my mother, but somewhere deep in my heart, I am yearning to have them back.

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