Friday, April 21, 2006

What in the World....................................

I have remained silent these last days. I have been busy.....with God.

Remember that whole waiting thing? Well its over, and it wasnt about what I thought it was about. God really threw me for a loop this week. Wow.

But I learned. It hurt a lot, but He kept talking and I kept listening.....and I coming out of the fire changed, a little purified, a little more clarified.

He took me at the place that I was most vulnerable, and introduced something that I would have never chosen. And He broke my will. And he broke my expectations. And it hurt, but the peace is incredible....and looking back, I get it.

How many times does He need to break me. How many times, do I keep pushing my wants, before His wants.

How many lessons do I need to learn?
Well for now, this once is learned.
I get it, Lord.

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