Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Advice-Bad Advice

I wonder, do I give advice too freely?
I've noticed lately, that people are very free to give advice on something they can't really speak to. They don't share your same convictions, but they seem to think that their advice is relative to your life. It is important for people to feel like their opinions are valid, and their choices good. But, what do you say to someone who pushes their advice on you without understanding your position with God.
I've noticed this lately, as God has had me in a holding pattern with some aspects of my life. People try and push me toward resolution, without getting the fact that I am waiting on God. It is even more frustrating when those people say that the understand my faith, but then do not support it. It is a tiring thing, to always guard your heart.
So, if I have ever tried to speak into your life, without asking God first.....I'm sorry.

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