Saturday, April 15, 2006


I realized today, that Easter is my favorite holiday. I hate Christmas. I love Easter.
Easter is spring.
Easter is a new dress.
Easter is the beginning......a new life.
For all the screw ups I have made, all the mistakes, Easter is the reason I can live again.
For all the roads I have walked with out Jesus, Easter was the fork in the road.

I have had an exceptional week. God has been leading me on a journey, and I believe that He is pulling me through the waiting period....and just knowing that the wait is almost over, cup runneth over.

This week I had an opportunity to spend a little time with two friends who live far away, home for Easter. People that God has placed in my life, along with people here, who carry me thru the rough times....and well, my cup runneth over.

Happy Easter.

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