Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm tired.
I dont mean to complain.
Got some bad news on Saturday. I knew it was coming eventually........just didn't really want it.
Wasn't prepared for everything it came with.....and so, I am tired.
It's ironic, how emotional exhaustion can be worse than physical.
Physical, you can sleep off, but emotional, I'm learning, you can't.
My devotions last night, we on "Waiting on God."
It seems that's all they are about lately. I wonder what God is trying to say.....oh, right, WAIT.
My mom used to call me, and if I didnt pick up the phone, she would talk into my answering machine......"Are you there? Are you there? Waiting.......I'm waiting..........waiting....."
Thats kinda what I feel like I am doing lately, calling into God's answering machine.

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