Sunday, March 26, 2006


Well today started out like any other work day, busy, crazy, and it being Sunday, someone usually sleeps in, or calls in sick, today, I had both.
So, yeah. I was a bit of a cranky-pants.
And then.....someone brought me muffins.
Now, normally you think.......HOW WONDERFUL......but me, I think, "Okay, are these good or bad muffins, meant to encourage, or kill...."
I was racking my brain, trying to think if I had made anyone angry as of late. But the muffins stared at me, called to me.
I hadn't had to write up any staff members lately...this is good, but I have had some tough conversations with them...this is bad....what do I do? (muffins calling me) Do I tempt fate, do I endulge?
I remember once standing beside someone who works in a church. Someone had brought him buns. He said that lots of people bring him food. Okay, maybe in ministry, but not in retail. (muffins calling)
I did it, I bit the bullet...okay, the muffin. It was good. Nice. I was hungry. I felt a bit alive, living on the edge, eating the unknown muffins. My boss sat beside me, yelling......"YOU DONT KNOW WHERE THOSE ARE FROM....YOU MIGHT DIE!!" (sometimes she can be over dramatic)
I am here to say, I am alright.......
An hour or so later, it came to me. My cousin. She knew I was a cranky-pants....and so, she fed me, bless her heart.
That would explain the chocolate chips in the muffins....pure comfort.

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