Monday, March 20, 2006


Today, I was going to come and talk about something that had bothered me all wkd. But, before I did that, I checked an old friends blog. We keep in touch mostly thru our blogs now, updated on our lives, it gets hard to always keep in contact sometimes, but at least we always know what is going on.
I hadn't checked her blog for a while, she was on vacation. She was in Hawaii. I was a bit jealous.
So early this morning, I went to see if she was home yet. She had been home since Wednesday. She came home early. When she was in a tropical paradise, her stepmom died of cancer.
And I am at a loss.
In our early 20's, one day, shortly before Christmas, her mom left. Just left. Didn't want to be there anymore. It has taken a long time for that healing process. Now, Lorraine has gone too.
And I am so sorry.
And I am sorry for her dad. He is a good man. He always took time for us, even me. He has now lost two women.
God, grant them courage, and healing.......and peace.

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