Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Bad Gene

Scientists have been studying this for years. Is there actually a bad gene that causes people to drastic bad behaviour.
Well yesterday, I found my bad gene.....or jean.
About 6 months ago, a friend of mine gave me a pair of jeans. She had never worn them. I tried them on, and they were too small, I couldnt even try to get them done up.
Yesterday morning I noticed them in my drawer, and dared to try them on......and they fit! Now they are not a pair that I would normally choose for myself, they are ultra low, and somewhat snug, but they were stretch, and, the exhilaration of being able to wear a pair of jeans that I had not been able to wear before, caused a momentary lapse of judgement.
I grabbed a shirt, got ready and left for work. Oh, wow, bad mistake.
Every time I sat down at the desk, they would slip down, every time I had to pick something up off the floor, you would see just a 'hint'o'crack'. And on top of that, I felt like they were squeezing me out the top like a bad tube of toothpaste.
After a day of wearing them, I felt like I had been working out all day, pulling them up, stretching them legs were tired.
Ah, the bad gene.

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