Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When God Speaks.......

Pardon my religious banter.
I need to say this. God speaks. He speaks to me, and it is cool.

Several months ago, I started praying for something specific. Situations changed. God changed my heart. I changed my prayer. God spoke. I prayed for something else specific. Situations changed. God changed my heart, I changed my prayer. God spoke again.
And so the cycle has been continuing. I pray, He answers. He tells me He is answering. I smile. I have a bit of joy. Some day I will tell you all about it. Someday.
Today, I got to share it with a friend of mine. She and I go way back. Shirley.
Shirley used to live for God. Now, she does not. He doesnt really have a place in her life.....maybe, just maybe a small place in her heart.....but if He does, she aint talkin about it.
Shirley has cut herself off from all Christians. She doesn't have any use for them, except for me. (no pressure there)
Tonight, I called her, and she was having a bad day, heck a bad year, possibly decade. She let it all out.....and I sat quietly, not really knowing how to comfort her. So I was quiet, except for that crazy quick wit of mine, that shines brightly in uncomfortable situations.....oops.
Tonight, I listened to her......and then she listened to me. She listened about how I told her God was working in my life. She got excited, and laughed out loud, as I told her how God was answering my prayers. I might have even heard, just a little bit of joy.
And I realize, that I give up to easy on people. God lived in her once, and I need to believe that He will live there once again. God called her, just like He called me, you...she just got lost along the way. There is room for her to come back. I wonder what it will take.

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