Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Difference between Boys and Girls

I survived the weekend of teenagers, and to be honest, it was quite enjoyable. I mean, with what adults can you make snow angels? Or make movies in which we drag a kid down a snow hill in his sleeping bag.....
Or, have stupid pranks played on you by boys. They thought out their ingenious plan (with some help from the youth pastor) and went ahead a placed alarm clocks under some of the beds in our cabin, set to ring, aproximately every hour during the night. Well, silly them, we found out after the second one, and were able to hunt down the other one (using the light of my cel phone, and a courageous leader crawling around on hands and knees.) For a brief moment, I felt as if we were a highly skilled bomb squad, ridding the world of terrorists. And then I semi-watched (it was dark) the courageous leader, ripping an the duct tape off of the alarm clock with her teeth, and thought, Nope, I dont think we would do that if it were a bomb.
At any rate, we were able to scare them a bit the next morning, with apparent dirty looks and so forth, and they did end up cleaning our cabin as justice prevails. (mostly cuz we spelled out "Thankx" with maxipads on the wall.)

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