Thursday, January 19, 2006

What is a leader.......

Its late, and I, am in a pondering mood. I am supposed to be praying, and I am, but my mind keeps wandering back to this question. What is a leader?

I had a conversation this week with an idividual who considers themselves a leader, and yet I have seen none of the traits that I would use to describe a leader.
So, then begs the question...can I make you into a leader? Can leaders be made, or is it something that is within them?
I mean, we all know people who are in a leadership role, who, well, shouldn't be. They don't inspire, or motivate, or set a standard and follow up.
So my question of the night? Riddle me this riddler....can I make a leader, can I teach someone to be a leader?.....or, is it a hopeless cause.

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