Monday, January 30, 2006


I'm not much of a tag person, I can't run very fast......but, for Laura, here goes:


Four Jobs I've had:

-corn detassler

-cashier at Kentucky Fried Chicken (I got let go, I was too shy....believe it or not)

-vocalist for a southern gospel quartet...The Dosses (no we didn't square dance)

-customer service manager...guess where.

Four Movies I can watch Over and over

-Love Actually

-Napolien Dynamite

-For the Love of the Game

-Dirty Dancing :-0

Four Places I've Lived

-Aylmer, Ontario

-Winnipeg, Manitoba

-Archdale, North Carolina

-Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Four Shows I love


-Without a Trace

-Dead Like Me

Criminal Minds

Four places I've Vacationed



-my cousin's sofa

Okay, I cant really think of vacation spots, cuz I am working, or doing some kind a mission thing. Sorry....missions is not a vacation.

Four Dishes I love


-my mother's enchilladas


-my birthday mug from Pam (it's technically a dish)

Four Sites I Visit Daily


-various blogs.....

Four Places I would rather be right now

-somewhere warm laying on a beach , mp3 player on, sunglasses, bathing suit, and club soda in hand..............and maybe even a friend

-in my bed

-with a good friend, drinking club soda, laughing

-have I mentioned a beach?

Blogger I am tagging.....

I pick Nadine

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