Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Spider Solitare with Jesus

It has become a habit of mine, to end my day with a game of spider solitare with Jesus.....and...it is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day.
Someone challenged me a while back, to spend more time with God. Well, how does one do that, short of going to Heaven. I mean, I read my Bible, and pray and stuff....but I wanted to, well....just spend time, just relax....with God.
I wanted to talk to Him about some of the stuff we are working through together....some hopes and dreams, some soul rashes....you know, the stuff that keeps itching at your heart....
I have taken to turning off the lights, putting on my mp3 player with worship music....and playing solitare. Its become a good time for me, for us.
....and sometimes......He even lets me win.

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