Friday, December 30, 2005

My new bed buddy

I have taken a new step in the bedroom. I have been sharing my bed, and I need to tell has been has made for a few sleepless nights.......
Before I committed myself, I asked around to get some consensus. Apparently a lot of people have it, it is more common than I expected. I talked to a sales lady in a store about it....and she told me that it seemed to be a real popular gift at Christmas. My new sister-in-law said it was very normal to have it. HHmmmm.....who knew.
The first night was awkward. I didn't know quite what to do. I just tried to play it by ear...not knowing where to put my leg, or my do I turn over.... I guess I muddled through. The next night, I was second guessing myself. Maybe I made the wrong decision, maybe this wasn't for me. Insecurities abounded.

Then late that night, the phone rang. I was in bed, trying again to be successful....
It was Nadine. A good friend. I was able to open up and share with her my frustration. I bared my soul, my short-comings, my fears. And she, with wisdom, was able to talk me through the whole experience. As I lay there, and she explained her struggles and successes, and told me exactly what do to to make this work.
That night, was like no other. I awoke, a much different girl, less sore and much happier.
Thank you Nadine, for teaching me how to sleep with my body pillow.

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