Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today my colleague told me of his conversation with his six year old daugter, when he picked her up after school.

Daughter: Today, we learned about Jesus.
Dad: Really, what did you learn?
Daughter: We learned that he was just a nice guy trying to help people, but they were mean to him. They tied him to a tree..but not very tight...and they threw stones at him. They cried him.
Dad: They tied him tightly to the tree...and they put nails in his hands and feet.
Daughter: That's not very nice. They cried him.
Dad: If you have any other questions, ask Robyn at dad's work.

I later had a debriefing with her, in which I was able to let her know that they did kill Him, but he got better....we had a good chat.

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