Wednesday, December 07, 2005

In the Spirit of Christmas.

I have been thinking about Christmas. Normally I don't really like it.....sure the baby Jesus is cool and all.....but it gets too.....too busy....too full of expectation. Too full of people searching for the right gift, too full of people disappointed by the gifts they receive.
So this year......
This year, if you are a friend that I usually exchange a gift with, you may receive an email from me.
And in this email, it will suggest that, instead of of buying me a gift, please find someone who needs it more than me. And for myself, I will look for someone who needs a random act of kindness, some Christmas cheer (not the kind with rum).
In the same spirit that I would buy you a gift, I will spend the time making someone's Christmas better....someone who may not have a friend like you to count on.

Thanks for understanding.

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