Friday, December 09, 2005

How to Wash your floor the Hard Way

To do this properly, you need to feel really overwhelmed with everything that you need to get done in one day.
First of all, it is important that you try to do several things at once. So number one, start your dishwasher. Then put in a load of laundry. Next, put the glasses in the sink that you dont want in your dishwasher, and turn on the water to fill the sink.
Now would be a good time to return that phone call to your mother. As you are talking, remember to tell her everything that you have forgotten to tell her in these past few years. Remain on the phone, till you hear a strange noise, of water hitting the floor.

Throw the phone down, run to the kitchen and with sopping wet socks, turn off the tap. Step away, take off your socks and jeans (this just adds dramatic flare) and throw every towel in the house onto the floor, while standing in your snowmen panties.
After you are able to realize what you've done, you have to stick your hand in the very, very hot (did I mention hot) water and pull the plug.
Now that all this has been acomplished you can haul out your mop and begin the process of washing your floor......
.......and doing another load of laundry...with all your wet towels.

Good luck with this, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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